Equity @ WVHS

WVHS Equity Statement

Education is the golden key to a brighter future for all students. World View High School is committed to providing all students with the necessary academic and social-emotional tools and skills that will allow them to be successful in this competitive world; with a special focus on addressing the inequities of those who have been historically underserved.

What is Equity?

What is Inequity?

Key Elements of Equity Work

Provide Access to Resources and Opportunities

  • Ensure all students have equal access to resources to be academically successful
  • Ensure all students have equal access to academic programs and opportunities

Create Supportive Community

  • Students will feel acknowledged and supported by the World View community 
  • Engaging families in meaningful ways

Promote Student Voice and Advocacy

  • Develop students’ skills to be able to advocate for themselves in the world beyond high school