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World View High School General Program

NYC DOE HS Admissions Code: X89A

World View High School (WVHS) is a rigorous college preparatory school with a primary focus on mathematics and science. WVHS utilizes a project-based learning approach to prepare students for college and careers. As a member of the WVHS community, students are expected to present their research projects in every discipline twice every school year and maintain a college and career ready profile. At WVHS, students build rigorous research and evidence based skills while fostering their social and emotional growth as a member of an increasingly global community.

Open to all students with preference given to Bronx residents

Screened Program: Spanish Transitional Bilingual Education

NYC DOE HS Admissions Code: X89B

World View High School’s Spanish transitional bilingual program focuses on English acquisition with a special interest in math and science. The program is designed for Spanish speaking immigrant students who have less than three years in the United States.

Open to all students who:

• Are Native Spanish Speakers

• Have been residing in the United States for less than 3 years.

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High School Admissions Overview

X89A - Regular Admissions Code

X89B - Screened Program: Spanish Transitional Bilingual Education Program Admissions Code

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For more information on how to Apply to World View High School please visit an Enrollment Center.