Community Service

At World View High School we believe in taking a holistic approach to student learning and engagement. One of the many ways we do this is through community service; every student has the ability to contribute to their community in any way they believe is necessary; in and outside the classroom, students use their critical thinking skills to evaluate needs and wants of different groups of people. This worldly way to evaluate classroom content, and subsequently their surroundings provides a great learning opportunity for all. Volunteering allows students to engage in their environment in ways that they might not have ever done before like painting murals to bring awareness to social justice issues to helping the homeless. Volunteering allows students to use what they have learned in the classroom out in the real world.

Volunteering is necessary to earn the Service Seal Endorsement on your diploma. This non-paying work can help students identify possible future career options, is a great addition to resumes, and can open opportunities to apply for community service based scholarships. All students who complete community service will use the volunteer log to document their time or have the person in charge of their community service write and sign a letter stating all of their community service hours in their organization


What is volunteering?

Volunteering, also known as community service, is non-paying work done by someone or a group of people to help others in need.

Is this mandatory?

Yes – in order to earn the Service Seal Endorsement on your high school diploma, you must complete these hours. WVHS students must volunteer for 100 hours each year to graduate. 

Why is this mandatory?

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, and help others in need; students get to see firsthand how they have a positive impact on the lives of many people.  Community service gives students get a better understanding of the struggles and daily lives of many people. Not only can it help students identify possible career options, but it is a great addition to resumes. Also, volunteering can help during the college admissions process by giving students possible college essay topics or allowing them to apply for community service based scholarships.

How do we keep track of our volunteering?

You will use a World View High School community service log to keep track of your time.

Where do we get our volunteer log, and who do we give them to ?

Your first community service log will be given to you by Ms. B or a guidance counselor in the first two weeks of September. After your first log is complete (front and back), you must hand it in to your guidance counselor in order to receive another one.

Where can we volunteer?

Below is a list of 40 volunteering organizations you can pick from.  If you would like to volunteer somewhere, and it is not listed below, you must contact your guidance counselor or Ms. B at for approval first.  You must provide the name of where you want to volunteer, the address, the name of the person(s) supervising your volunteer service, and their phone number/email. 


  1. Association to Benefit Children  The Association to Benefit Children (ABC) uplifts children in need by providing loving and caring spaces for them. In the Saturday Program, volunteers can interact with children through arts and crafts, drama, computer activities, and more. 

  2. African Burial Ground National Monument  The African Burial Ground aims to educate people on the important role slaves played in creating New York. Volunteers can e museum guides, provide front desk service, assist in walking tours among many other activities. 

  3. American Cancer Society  The American Cancer Society (ACS) aims to raise awareness, help families/individuals dealing with cancer, and raise money for research. A volunteer’s job may range from helping families/individuals to raising money/awareness.

  4. American Museum of Natural History The American Museum of Natural History educates the public on the past, present, and future; its exhibits show different cultures, and reveal the advances of scientific research. Volunteers may or may not work with the public and must be at least 16 years old. Volunteers working with the public may lead tours and be explainers. 

  5. American Red Cross The American Red Cross helps people in need due to disasters/emergencies; this support can range from emotional assistance to providing clothing and food. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old. 

  6. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The ASPCA, the first humane society in North America helps to provide a cruelty-free life for animals, Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, and will assist in reading to dogs, socializing with cats and dogs, and/or feeding kittens. 

  7. Artbridge Artbridge allows artists to turn different parts of New York into art pieces from staircases to construction scaffolding. Volunteers might help with mural projects, fundraising events, and many other activities. 

  8. Bronx Volunteer Coalition The Bronx Volunteer Coalition aims to uplift the Bronx by helping all residents in need. Volunteers can use the database to look for Bronx specific volunteering options. 

  9. Bronxworks  Bronxworks helps people of all ages through education, shelter, and food. Volunteers will help serve lunch/dinner to people living with HIV/AIDS. 

  10. Bronx Zoo As one of the largest zoos in the world, the Bronx Zoo holds many different species. It works to educate the public on wildlife, and conserve various animal populations. Volunteers can help with a variety of activities to help educate visitors and raise animal awareness. 

  11. Central Park Conservancy  The Central Park Conservancy maintains the beauty of Central Park Volunteers will assist in keeping Central Park clean and green. 

  12. Cityarts Cityarts combines students with professional artists to create art pieces in the community. Volunteers use their artistic abilities to help beautify their neighborhood. 

  13. City Harvest  City Harvest feeds New Yorkers who cannot feed themselves for a variety of reasons. Volunteers can perform clerical work, educate New Yorkers on healthy cooking, or retrieve leftover food from food events/shows. 

  14. CityMeals on Wheels CityMeals on Wheels helps elderly people who cannot leave their homes because of their age or an illness. Volunteers can help out in their local senior centers, and create handmade cards among other things. 

  15. Dance/NYC Dance/NYC promotes the love of dancing through education and events. Volunteers will assist in various events centered around dance. 

  16. DoSomething inspires teens to give back to their community; they are involved in community service opportunities in over 100 countries. Volunteers can use the database to find different opportunities to serve the community. 

  17. East Harlem Tutorial Program East Harlem Tutorial Program builds to the confidence, emotional, and academic abilities of children in the neighborhood. Volunteers will tutor children, and assist in field trips during the summer if needed. 

  18. Food Bank NYC For 35 years Food Bank NYC has helped to feed New Yorkers in need.  Volunteers will ensure that New Yorkers continue to be fed through many ways; some may help pack meals, helping seniors, or providing clean environments for New Yorkers. 

  19. Free Arts NYC Free Arts NYC helps children in need through art and mentoring. Volunteers can help with Free Art events by helping out artists, and preparing materials. 

  20. God’s Love We Deliver God’s Love We Deliver helps families and individuals dealing with serious illnesses, by preparing and delivering healthy food to them. Volunteers can help create meal kits, deliver food with assistance, and/or organize office work. 

  21. Go Project The Go Project works to improve the emotional, academic, and social well-being of children and families in New York. Volunteers will work with two to four children reinforcing skills taught by the head teacher in the classroom. 

  22. Henry Street Settlement  Henry Street Settlement delivers social, art, and health services to New Yorkers in need. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old; they may help with front desk work, garden, usher and much more. 

  23. Joyful Heart Foundation The Joyful Heart Foundation was created by Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU) The programs helps sexual assault survivors reclaim their lives. Volunteers can use the organization as a database to find different ways to help sexual assault survivors. 

  24. KEEN New York KEEN believes all children should have access to exercise, no matter their differences. Volunteers will engage in different physical activities like basketball and boxing with one child or teen who has a disability or disabilities; not all disabilities are physical. A coach is present for all activities. 

  25. Latino Community Association The Latino Community Association empowers Latinx families through youth development, immigration consultations, dental check-ups and more. Volunteers may be asked to assist in setting up for events, bilingual services, and help raise funds. 

  26. Lincoln Hospital  Lincoln Hospital is a hospital in the Bronx known for great trauma and short-term care. Volunteers may be asked to help with translating for non-English speakers, playing with babies/children, office work, or taking patients to various activities in the hospital. 

  27. MASA MASA works to help Latinx children and families in the South Bronx academically succeed, become future leaders, and contribute to their community. Volunteers can assist in tutoring, playing with children, helping students learn about robotics, and many more. 

  28. Met Council The Met Council helps poor and close to poor New Yorkers live with dignity and thrive. Volunteers will assist in food distribution, socializing with seniors, etc. 

  29. Montefiore Medical Center (fax-718-547-4205) Montefiore Medical Center, the number 7 ranked hospital in New York State, educates future members of the medical field, and helps advance the health of people in the community. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old; their duties can include reading to children, office work, assisting nursing staff, or greeting/assisting families. 

  30. New York Botanical Garden Volunteers will receive training for specific assignments.  Assignments can include office work. 

  31. New York Cares New York Cares works to improve the lives of New Yorkers through ways such as feeding the homeless, neighborhood clean-up, and much more.  There are many volunteer opportunities offered throughout the year through this database. 

  32. New York City Ballet The New York City Ballet Company features incredible ballet dancers. Volunteers can help with special programs, greet the public, help sell tickets, etc. 

  33. New York City Service  New York City Service helps New Yorkers help others in any way possible. Volunteers can use this database to search available volunteer opportunities in New York. 

  34. NYU Langone  NYU Langone provides excellent medical care to patients with a variety of medical needs. Volunteers may greet families and visitors, play with children, assisting patients and families with their needs, etc. 

  35. NYC Parks NYC Parks enlists the help of New Yorkers to keep parks and playgrounds clean and beautiful. Volunteers can search the database to find different volunteering events available in and outside the Bronx. 

  36. Part of the Solution Part of the Solution (POTS) helps people living in poverty. Volunteers can tutor children one-on-one and serve meals among other tasks. 

  37. Police Athletic League The Police Athletic League supports children and young adults between the ages of 3 and 21; this help ranges from educational to social. Volunteers can help with sporting events, holiday parties, back-to-school drives, and much more.

  38. The Trevor Project The Trevor Project provides different services to help LGBTQ teens and adults dealing with different mental health issues, and prevent suicide among this population.  Volunteers can assist with events, fundraisers, and other tasks that help spread awareness. 

  39. Wave Hill Wave Hill is a public garden in the Bronx; it educates the public on gardening and its artistic importance. Volunteers’ tasks can vary from office work to leading garden tours. 

  40. YMCA The YMCA keeps children and adults active. The organization helps to strengthen the communities of the people they serve, and assist children/teens. Volunteers can assist in multiple ways like: helping in special events, coaching games, tutoring/mentoring a child etc.