Advisory Program

The Advisory Department is a diverse team of educational professionals committed to meeting the social-emotional and academic needs of each student at WorldView High School. This committee is comprised of Social Workers, Guidance Counselors, and Teachers. Through intense collaboration, each unit is planned with precision to provide students with the socio-emotional skills they need to develop strong moral character.

Building Community

The concepts of community, respect, trust, and integrity are emphasized, as students learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively. We recognize that students benefit most from consistency, thus we strive to maintain the similar lesson-plan format they receive in their core subject classes.

Academic Mentoring

Students engage in collegial style discussions that align with the ELA Common Core standards, which in turn, will support students with the writing process and public speaking. Last but not least, the Advisory program inherited components of the former mentoring program. After each semester, students review their transcripts and reflect on what they did well and what they need to improve in order to meet graduation and college requirements.